Reunion Tributes

14th Annual Hoolyeh Folkdance Reunion

“I feel deeply nourished by an evening of dancing beloved old dances with beloved friends.”

“I had a great time! Thanks so much to all of you leaders and organizers.”

“It was a fabulous party! Extremely well organized, sensational program. After many ice packs my knees and ankles are good as new. Well, that’s a lie, but they’ve stopped screaming.”

“I woke up this morning and struggled to get my joints moving properly, but within 5 minutes I was back to my normal, pain-free living. Nice to know I can make it through 5 hours of dancing (if a little wobbly by the end) and still move the next day.”

“Thanks to everyone for SO MUCH help putting this together. We didn’t even have to worry about anything because someone always had each little detail under control. What a great group of dancers and techies!”

“Thank you all for making the 14th Hoolyeh and Friends Reunion Party a big success!!! We had a ton of fun in the Hoolyeh Room in Corvallis.”