Hoolyehs 1960-70’s


Dancers from the 1960’s, on the way home from the Eugene Festival

Back Row – Mary McCauley, Roger McKimmy, Michael Onstad

Middle Row – Ellen Burgess, Jane McCauley, Glenn Weber, Sandi ?????

Front Row – Tom McCauley, Sue Terrier, Jimmy Burgess, Karin McDonald

Junior Hoolyehs


Beth Quatrano Elliott Zais

At festival

Glenn Weber, Alice Nugent, Alison Weber, Karl Nugent,

Joseph Weber, Bonnie Rhynard at Hoolyeh Festival in Washington School Gym

Mrs. Rice

Hildred Rice playing the music at Chineese Night party
Karrin and Sarah

Karin Kigimagii and Sara Leslie
Kathy, Doug, Bekki, Tom

Bekki Levenspiel, Doug Roth, Kathy Armstrong,

Jeanette Leach, Sarah Blunt, Murphy Rhynard, Maureen Brown
dancers in Yugoslavian costumes
at a ‘winter’ dance party – Betty McCauley, Dave Bucy, Dan Moore, Barney and Bekki Levenspiel


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  1. I think the young lady in the first color photo was Sandy Watson at the time. I don’t know about now.

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