2008 Reunion Party a GREAT Success!

WOW! What a great turnout – close to 200 people! Lots of dancers, lots of spectators, colorful costumes, yummy snacks, and non-stop music. The dances ran for 5 hours straight with a much needed break about half way through when the Jr. Hoolyehs performed. At midnight the last dance played and there were STILL 50+ people on their feet, actually dancing!This probably isn’t a big deal for those under 30, but for the over 50 crowd, we are very proud of ourselves. The sore feet and stiff muscles the next day was more than worth it. There just wasn’t enough time to do all the fun dances AND visit with long time friends AND catch up with folk dance buddies from 35+ years ago. Many parents of the 1970 Hoolyeh dancers watched with big smiles on their faces, recognizing many of the ‘teenagers’ and in awe at how fast 35 years have flown by.

Here are some links to GREAT photos taken during the 2008 Reunion Party:



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